As a child I spent time at the Welcome Point “Willkommen Höft” in Hamburg-Wedel that welcomes and farewells ships heading up- and downriver from the port of Hamburg. I saw the big ships from faraway countries. The names of their provenance were written on their sterns: and prompted my yearning for distant and unknown places. I wanted to visit cities so as to understand where those ships came from. Even today I continue to follow this same dream.

Voyages and wandering are conceptual aspects of my work.


The focus of half my life has been laying on cabinetry.  I was formed as a carpenter and learned how to manufacture wood joinings. I consequently apply them in my creations and render them visible. My subsequent art studies in sculpting taught me the formal skills for design.


Furniture is the media - the aesthetics show the space around and integrate it. A combination that attracts me. I further consider it as artwork. I date and sign every piece on principle. Small series turn into editions. Those art pieces attest to my aesthetic experiences that I made on my wanderings. The shapes of the objects define a certain space. Those spaces bear the imprint of very special interpersonal moments. My artwork brings new life to private living spaces by turning them into installations.

Patrick Timm